Started as a small metal parts provider, we launched our first plastic headlamp in the 80s. Success of the initial attempt prompted our further foray into the new market with a diversified product portfolio. The range of novelty lights, flashlights and desk lamps launched in the 90s enlightened our vision of the portable lights sector.

By the mid-90s, we drove the stake into the heart of the flashlight market. The advanced rechargeable flashlights were a triumph. But instead of stopping to savour the sweetness of success, we pioneered the market with the world’s first LED keychain light at the turn of the millennium. We were also among the first movers to fully adopt LED technology across our portfolio.

Since then, technological breakthrough became a constant theme of our new launches. From Xenon/LED hybrid flashlights to Focus Control mechanism and motion sensory headlights, we took the market by storm with revolutionary products.

Capitalizing on the continuous technological advancement today, we will continue to explore more possibilities with innovative design and features, driving Revtronic  forward in the new era of lighting gears.