To Brighten Your Dark Rides

To Brighten Your Dark Rides

From the invention of the wheel which revolutionised history in the latter part of the Neolithic age, to the invention of the bicycle by the German inventor Baron Carl von Drais in the early stages of the 19th century, mankind took a long steady walk (pun intended) to achieve its’ goals. The “bicycle”, which literally means two cycles, is a human powered device having two wheels attached to a frame and can be ridden on and the rider of the bicycle is known as a cyclist.

After the introduction of the bicycle, it instantly became a huge success, and became the principal means of transportation of many people during that era. It was also used as a popular form of recreation, and was adapted as a children’s toy, and was used for general fitness. Although being upgraded since then, to incorporate the advancements in the fields such as aero dynamics which is used to increase the efficiency of the device and due to the advancements on technology, the bicycle is still used throughout the world as a main mode of transportation.

Cycling Tips

The modern day bicycle has various types depending on the usage, such as, the mountain bicycle which is primarily designed for off road cycling, bicycles designed for racing, bicycles designed for circus shows and other variants such as the hybrid bicycle, cruiser bicycle, recumbent bicycle, BMX bicycle and the tandem bicycle. But all of them possess some basic components such as the drive train and the gear system, steering, suspension, brake systems and wheels.


This eco-friendly, marvel of an invention brings along many benefits for its rider such as increased cardio vascular fitness, increased muscle strength and flexibility, reduced stress levels, improved joint mobility, improved posture coordination, strengthened bones, decreased body fat levels, prevention and management of diseases and not to mention the feeling of relaxation you acquire when riding on a bicycle.

Slowly being incorporated in to one’s culture and developing many family traditions, the bicycle is now deep seated in mankind’s history bringing back a lot of fond memories to anyone who holds a bicycle, such as the first time their dad taught them to use a bicycle, how scared they were and the feeling of enormous pleasure when they finally start to ride on their own, the first time they fell off of the bike, the way they cried even though it was a very bits’ injury and all the fun time they had with their friends, going on joy rides up and down the street.

Ride A Bike At Night Is Safe?

But with all the upsides that come along with the bicycle, like a coin there is bound to be a downside, that being the inability to ride the bicycle at night or when it is dark outside. Imagine that you are riding a bicycle, the gentle feeling of the wind hitting your face as you ride along, the calmness and the peace it brings to your mind, and now try imagining it getting darker and darker, you have to stay very vigilant as you can’t properly see the road signs. Passing the lane, you intended to go into because it was difficult for you to identify the place. Having to constantly avoid running over people walking beside the road on the pavement as you can’t properly see them or having to constantly look back and check whether a vehicle is approaching you due to the fear that they might accidently run you over because they couldn’t properly see you, and suddenly your peaceful and calming ride becomes very stressful and a very big nuisance.

This exactly why almost all the people avoid using the bicycle at night, the safety issues that you have to face when going for a stroll in your bicycle at night, and the stress that comes along with it. But with the development of the human brain, discovery of new inventions and the advancement in technology, a solution for this problem was found. That was the invention of the bicycle light. With the purpose above all being, to improve the visibility of the bicycle and the rider along the road to other road users under circumstances of weak lighting, bicycle lighting was created. The ability to reflect illuminating material such as traffic signs or cats’ eyes, will allow the cyclist to easily avoid any unwanted collisions and to adhere to the road rules. Illuminating the roadway in order for the cyclist to see where he or she is going is another primary objective of the bicycle light, so that the bicycle can be steered in the proper direction.

With various types of bicycle lighting to choose from, depending on utility, such as front lighting or rear lighting, type of bulb used, such as LED’s or flashlights or halogen lights or HID lights and the method of generation of the power, a battery lit bicycle lighting system or bicycle lighting using a dynamo system that utilises the kinetic energy created when riding a bicycle in order to eliminate the electricity cost or a combination of both systems, the highest quality bicycle lighting systems are offered to you so that you have to worry less about all the difficulties you face when riding a bicycle in the dark and have the stress free bicycle ride that you always wanted.

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