2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Mountain bike stocking stuffers

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Mountain bike stocking stuffers

Cycling is an expensive hobby, but you don’t need to take out a second mortgage to buy a gift for the bike rider in your life. Here are our favorites for under $50.


Portable Speaker

We’re not big fans of that guy who rolls out on the trail blasting tunes, but we do enjoy playing music when wrenching outside, at the campsite, or down by the river. For these moments, there’s nothing better than an ultra-portable speaker. This market is pretty crowded, but we like the units from Boombotixbecause they’re durable and have a built in clip. Price: Starting at $25 | More info at store.boombotix.com

Custon Name Decal

Custom Name Decals

Name decals are usually reserved for the pros, but they’re a nice finishing touch on any bike. There are a number of brands who will print custom decals, but Veloink offers remarkable customization. Think letter color, background color, different flags, multiple flags, fonts, etc… Price: Starting at $10 for a sheet of four | More info at veloink.com

Custom Frame Decals

Custom Frame Decals

While we’re on the topic of decals, we would be remiss not to mention STIKRD, which offers an unprecedented level of customization for aftermarket frame, fork, shock, and rim decals. Want something extra special, like matte snow camo fork decals with your name printed in the RockShox font? They can do it. Price: Starting at $15 | More info at www.stikrd.com

Diety Valve Caps

Valve Caps

When you’re building a custom bike, it’s all about the little details. One of our favorite touches is matching valve caps. It’s a subtle way of classing up a build and they’re inexpensive. Price: $5 | More info at www.deitycomponents.com

Stem Cap


If you haven’t guessed by now, we’re suckers for custom components. One new bit that caught our eye is the StemCap system. With it you get a base plate and swappable plastic covers. They have a number of stock options to choose from, or you can order a custom cap with the name of your favorite team or a photo of your family. Price: Starting at $20 | More info at stemcaps.com

Stance Lift Off Socks


Socks in a stocking? Trust us, cyclists love socks. We even have a hashtag for it. Want to help your someone special up their #sockgame? Check out Stance. If you think they’d prefer something more performance oriented, Dissent is the way to go. Price: Starting at $20 | More info at www.stance.com andwww.dissentlabs.com

Lezyne Zecto Drive

Compact Light Set

For days when you wander out with no set plans, it’s nice to keep a set of small backup lights in your riding bag. Not only will they get you home in a pinch, they’re perfect for running errands or dropping by the bar. One of our favorites is the Lezyne Zecto Drive Pro. It can be used as either a front or rear light (because it has both white and red LEDs) and the mounting system is both versatile and simple. Price: $50 | More info at www.lezyne.com

Pedro's Bottle Opener

Workstation bottle opener

Every toolbox or workstation needs a high-quality bottle opener. That’s why we have a Pedro’s wall mounted bottle opener in our garage. Price: Starting at $20 | More info at pedros.com

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Unless your loved one is an Eagle Scout, there’s a good chance they don’t have a well-stocked first aid kit. Don’t let them get caught unprepared. You can pick up a small waterproof first aid kit at your local outdoor store (or online) for under $20. Or just build your own.


Magazine Subscription

Technically print outlets such as Mountain Bike Action, Bike, Decline, and Dirt Rag are Mtbr’s competitors…but who cares? Our mailboxes are always swimming with credit card applications, advertisements, and bills, so it’s nice to get something we’re actually stoked for. Prices start at just $20.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Still, can’t decide what gift to get? There’s always the gift of choice. Swing by their favorite local bike shop, pick up a few cool stickers, and plunk down for a gift card. Slap everything in a card and get prepared for some stoke. Prices start at whatever you feel like giving.

This article is part of Mtbr’s 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. For more gift ideas and holiday guides, CLICK HERE.

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